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Customer Testimonials

Awesome Service and Installation

"I just want to thank you for the awesome service and installation of our Monkey Bars storage system for our garage. We love..."

- Fort Collins, CO

A Whole New Garage

"We are in love with our Monkey Bars system! It’s like we have a whole new garage because of all the space it has opened..."

Joan & Ryland K - Evans

Clean and Tidy

"We can’t believe how clean and tidy our garage looks all the time now, we didn’t think that was possible! Our new..."

Big Thanks, Jemma and Dan N -

Everything Out of the Way

"Our new cabinets are exactly what we have been looking for. They keep everything out of the way. We don’t worry about..."

Jennifer and Kirk T. - Johnstown

Overhead Storage For Your Garage

Overhead storage in Fort Collins is versatile and space-saving.

  • Strong: The steel structure of our overhead storage system ensures that not only will your things be stored safe and sound but you will have peace of mind too.
  • Space Saving: Store your less-used items securely away with our overhead storage system. You’ll be amazed how much extra space you’ll have!
  • Easy Access: Overhead storage gets your things off the floor and out of the way while still making your things easy to find and easy to get to.

Overhead Storage Fort Collins

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Fort Collins overhead storage

Overhead Garage Storage Benefits

Ceiling space often goes overlooked and under-used. We offer storage that is durable but keeps all of your things off the floor and out of your way. With out boxes to clutter up your floor space your garage will be easy to clean and won’t attract pests.

Affordable: Storage can be expensive, but our overhead storage for Fort Collins makes it cost-effective.

Clutter-Free: Storing your things in overhead storage helps you to make the most of your garage space, as they’ll be off the floor and out of the way.


Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Monkey Bars Garage Systems was the solution for three featured homes tackled on the recently aired TV Show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Property Brothers.

Find out how you can get your Extreme Garage Makeover today.

Extreme Home Makeover:

  • Pocatello, ID
  • Moorhead, MN
  • Wichita, KS

The Overhead Storage Fort Collins Needs

Make Room: Overhead storage is the perfect way to increase garage space. It’s easy to forget that your car is supposed to go in your garage but with our overhead storage in Fort Collins you can make room and use the space for yourself instead of just boxes.

Dependable: Our overhead racks are relied upon by warehouses across the country so you know they are tried and true and will work well for you too!

Long-Term Storage: Overhead storage is the best option for long-term storage because it gets your belongings out of the way without making them a chore to get to unlike items stored in crawl spaces or attics.

Reliable Mounting: You can rest assured knowing that our overhead storage will hold up to the test of time. With multiple mounting spots that fasten securely into trusses our overhead storage isn’t going anywhere.

More Than One Use: Not only can our overhead storage racks do great things for your garage they’re great for commercial use and warehouses as well. If you’re business is in need of extra space just look up. Mounting overhead storage is an easy way to find some extra room in your garage.

by on May 29, 2012